Crack and Joint Sealing

We Provide Crack And Joint Sealing

Should cracks in the pavement be left untreated before winter, they could turn into potholes through the perils of the winter months. Moisture that worked its way into those cracks saturated the subgrade. When that material freezes, the area expands. This pushes the pavement surface up, weakening it, then once temperatures rise in the spring, the frozen material contracts, leaving space under the pavement surface. That weakened surface is now left unsupported. Once traffic hits that spot, the cavity that was created will collapse and you have yourself a shiny new pothole. That spot must now be fully repaired or it will continue to expand.

Crack and Joint Sealing

Not repairing problems in pavement can lead to premature wear of that pavement’s life or worse, catastrophic damage can be done to the integrity of your pavement if water is allowed to continually seep in. The saying goes, “fix the roof now so that you don’t have to fix the house later.” Research shows that spending $1 on maintenance today averts $6 to $14 of cost later. Be an advocate of pavement maintenance to your customer, especially in the fall. Crack sealing and seal-coating are essential to pavement health and far less expensive than new construction once pavement is irreparable.

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