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Rejuvenator: Save It, Don't Pave It

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Asphalt Fusion’s Rejuvenator

Introducing our Asphalt Rejuvenator, the game-changing solution for asphalt maintenance and longevity. Perfectly tailored for businesses, municipalities, and contractors, our rejuvenator brings state-of-the-art technology to the world of pavement preservation, ensuring your asphalt surfaces remain robust and visually appealing for years to come.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced Durability: Our Asphalt Rejuvenator penetrates deep, replenishing lost oils and ensuring a resilient surface that resists wear and tear.
  • Extended Asphalt Life: Regular application can significantly extend the lifespan of your asphalt, leading to substantial long-term savings.
  • Eco-friendly: Committed to sustainability, our product is environmentally friendly, reducing the need for frequent repaving and thereby conserving resources.
  • Superior Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond just protection, the rejuvenator imparts a rich, dark finish, enhancing the overall look of your asphalt surface.

Packaging Options:

  • 250-Gallon Totes: Ideal for medium to large-scale projects, ensuring ample coverage without the need for frequent reordering.
  • Bulk Shipments: Tailored for substantial projects or for businesses looking to maintain a steady supply.

Shipping Information: Please note that while we can ship to most locations across the US, we currently do not offer our Asphalt Rejuvenator for sale in Delaware.

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Rejuvenation Machine C

Asphalt Rejuvenation Machine

The Rejuvenator is capable of applying this material at a coverage rate of 0.04 to 0.08 gallons per square yard with ground speeds of 85 yards per minute (2.9 mph) to 150 yards per minute (5.1 mph). The ground speed is held constant at a pre-determined value, aligning with the desired coverage rate. This speed control is activated when the foot pedal is fully pressed forward. Ground speed is continuously monitored and displayed on a digital meter located on the control panel.

The apparatus features an 8-foot wide, enclosed spray bar, equipped with 10 spray tips. The spray bar manifold is divided, situating 6 tips on the left side and 4 on the right. Each tip incorporates a shut-off valve, allowing for individual control. Optimally, each spray tip functions at 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), culminating in a total material flow of 15 gpm when all tips are in use. The ‘NORMAL’ setting on the PUMP SPEED CONTROL ensures a steady material flow of 15 gpm. Adjusting the control knob clockwise increases the flow rate to approximately 20 gpm, whereas turning it counterclockwise decreases it to around 5 gpm. Additionally, the spray bar control includes an interlock feature, ensuring that material is only dispensed when the spray bar is in the lowered position.

Contractors of Asphalt Fusion Rejuvenator

Below is a map of  the current and growing network of application contractors and their service area that use our product in their daily work process. If you also wish to become a contactor that benefits from the use of Asphalt Fusion Rejuvenator, get in touch with us today! Discover the usefulness of this game-changing solution for asphalt maintenance and longevity.

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