Asphalt Patching

We Repair Cracks, Potholes And More

We are skilled in repairing asphalt that’s affected by potholes, cracks and more to commercial clients in Seaford, DE and surrounding areas.

Signs That Your Pavement Needs Repair

Eventually routine maintenance on your parking lot will need to be supplemented with repair work. Repairing necessary areas ensures that damage will not continue to spread throughout the existing parking lot, or road. Pot holes, alligator cracking, standing areas of water, and depressions in asphalt are signs that seal coating and crack filling are no longer sufficient. Once these take place, structural problems to the sub base have occurred.

Pot Holes

Alligator Cracking

Standing Water


If your parking lot or roadway in Seaford, DE or a surrounding area is affected by any of the above issues give Asphalt Fusion LLC a call at (302) 628-3436 today! You can also send us an email for a free quote here.

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